Add a Make an Offer Button to Your Shopify Store Product Pages

Add a Make an Offer Button to Your Shopify Store Product Pages

Enable your customers to make an offer for items in your Shopify store.

We will add a button to your product page to allow customers to "make an offer" or "name their price" via a pop-up form, which will then send you an email message with the details of the customer's offer, the price they are offering, and their contact information.

We can customize the button, button text, and pop up form any way YOU like, with any wording you need to match your site design and business goals.

You can send a response to the offer with a link to check-out, you can make a counteroffer, or you can decline the offer. You will have the ability to communicate with private email and/or text messages concerning their offer.

You will able to decide which product pages your offer appears on, site-wide, individually, based on price, or other criteria of your choosing. You will find installing the button on a product to be as easy as adding a tag.

This fantastic Shopify store improvement has a one time charge for installation - as opposed to a commission based revenue share app, or a costly ongoing monthly app subscription for a "make an offer" app. 

We install a stable one time addition to your Shopify store product page code.

Your make an offer button will then give customers an easy way to get in touch and negotiate pricing with you.

This store feature is great for Shopify stores who do not offer coupons, but who want to be able to offer discounted pricing on selected items.

Expand your business and engage your customers with a "Make An Offer" button!

Make an Offer Button for Shopify Stores